I've always written since I was young. New ideas have been made possible to me by FanFiction.net, where I became interested in writing/reading stories for shows, movies, and the like. I know that I want to write some things for Twilight and I figured since that could be done here exclusively, why not? Hopefully, no one here is homophobic or against slash (changing fictional characters' heterosexality to homosexuality; these characters usually get together in a homosexual!relationship), as I will be writing quite a bit of it for this site about Edward and Jacob. Possibly some other characters. At the moment, I seem to be unable to write about heterosexual relationships, and the only way I can is if they are not the main focus/character, or if they are a previous relationship to the main character (even then, it will only be mentioned in passing). Later, though, I'll be sure to write a couple. If there are no problems there, then enjoy!

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Entranced. Adult 1/5 2 6 No 3681
Jacob imprints on Edward. Set around the time New Moon would be taking place, although this doesn't really even follow that timeframe, really. Although, Edward does leave Bella, as in New Moon. Jacob and Bella become friends. But Jake has no romantic inclinations towards her. Bella has slowly-but surely-moved on. She'll have someone farther down the story. I'm not sure who yet. This story is simply about Jacob and Edward's relationship.
Bonding Adult 5/5 1 1 Yes 768
This is actually part of Despair, or Entranced. It can stand alone as a PWP, I suppose, even though that's not really what it is. Edward/Jacob. Slash. Rated M, for explicit sexual content. Summary: Edward and Jacob make love for the first time.

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