Ho hum. Not much to say about me. I love drawing, and I have a fondness for the Twilight series. Thanks to all the people that leave wonderful reviews, they really make my day.

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2 years old? Bella and Jacob Everyone 3.6/5 147 1 Yes 1
Just a silly sketch of Bella and Jacob talking about Quil and who he imprinted on [heehee].
Embrace Everyone 5/5 49 1 Yes 1
Edward and a dazzled Bella in their meadow. A fluffy picture.
you know you love fluff!
Bella Prom Everyone 5/5 61 1 Yes 1
Bella's dress at Forks Prom.
If She Chose the Sun Everyone 5/5 51 1 Yes 1
If Bella choose Jacob.

Quick sketch,
Breaking Dawn Bella Everyone 5/5 17 1 No 1
Breaking Dawn lead up. Bella's donned her wedding dress. What will happen next? WIP!
Vampire Bella Everyone 5/5 17 1 No 1
Pretty much just like the title says..special appearance of a book cover.
Master, Aro and Jane Everyone 5/5 2 1 Yes 1
Just as the title says, it's Jane and Aro.
Bella Prom Everyone 5/5 11 1 No 1
Bella's prom dress, part duex

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