i live in indiana and am majorly addicted to the twilight series, stephenie meyer and fiction of any kind. i skateboard when I'm not reading and bothering my best friend/kind of brother jakop (coincidence?) My favorite character is jacob black and I think that i may sell my kidney for more books. (J.K.) Write to me if you want or not and enjoy the wonderful fansites these wonderful people have come up with. (suckng up is never wrong.) Ya'll rock!

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A Journey Through Hell... Everyone 4.5/5 13 1 Yes 82
This is a poem about Bella's change.
Jacob's Ending Teen 4.5/5 76 14 No 8588
What would happen if Jacob kept running at the end of Eclipse? What would happen if he met someone? He put Bella back together, What happens if jacob needs someone to put him back together?

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