Im a playful girl who loves having fun. I always had a dream of being an international author but we all know how often that dream comes true. I try my very best to stay away from the ordinary things that happen to slip into stories. I just came into this with as much enthusiasm as everyone else. Im a 13 year old girl and i know im queit young and still have alot to discover but im still a 13year old girl with alot of ambition to find out as much as i can within a little space of time. I know i have my whole life ahead of me but i want to be as prepared as possible for all the acheivments, all the failiars ( i probobly failed at some of my spelling, and grammer but i have time to work on that) and road blocks. Please help me carry on through my life, i have a hard time beleiving that anyone listens to me or my stories even those pesky noobz.

Stories Written (1)

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puppet disastor Adult 5/5 1 1 Yes 466
a funny little story about alice and jaasper and....... a whole lotta trouble with puppets

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the crazy world that revolves around one known force called alice 0/5 0 0
Heres to the craziest vampire ever in the history of absalutly nuts vampires Alice is a young vampire who loves shopping. she is a young vampire who loves planning. She is a young vampire who loves all things spunk. Alice is like any other 15 year old vampire. she loves useing bella as a human geneia pig. she loves cloths and hair and everything thst costs over half a million dollars Aloce is a wild child. Alice is alice thats why we love her