To you I am but another profile, another face in the crowd...but to some I am more and to others I am less...does any of it really make a difference though? I like what I like, love who I love, fear what I fear, and believe what I believe...In two places does my heart truly lie and no others. Blood may be thicker than water, but water can not die. Family is what you make it and nothing more. I am loyal to those that do not stab me in the back, I befriend the friendless. Beauty is only skin deep and the "beautiful" are usually the most hollow. If I haven't lost you yet hit me up...if so be on your way...I have little time to deal with the narrow minded. May the moon light your path and the shadows of life be a sign a new friend is just around the corner. I'm complicated and lets just leave it at that. hugs, kisses, and hand grenades -Eishexe

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Of the Moon and Sun Adult 0/5 0 7 No 16672
It has been 100 years of peace and quiet...and then the phone rings.

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