Heyyyy! its A! I usually Write and Read stories set after-BD and usually do original pairings! Please leave any comments! Anyone wanna be my editor? I'm in need of a good one! Also please R&R my stories. THANKS!since i dont want to have to write this on every story: All Characters are not mine and are property of Stephanie Meyer! xoxo-A

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Cullens back to high school Original pairing but Seth has an imprint! EdwardxBella RosaliexEmmett JasperxAlice CarlislexEsme RenesmexJacob Sethxhis imprint SET AFTER BREAKING DAWN *contains spoilers* rated everyone but it keeps switching to Adult...can someone help me please? this is my first fanfic!rest of ch.5up soon! anyone wanna be my editor??? Pleaseeee(: xoxo-A

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