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I am a little dot in a global village. I participate in ritualistic dances of crazy jigs and lots of arm-swinging when I'm feeling especially giddy or just because I consumed too much sugar. I (am in) love with dark chocolate. I love love, but have never fallen for it (minus the previous statement). I worship pixies, elves (the tall and attractive kind), and faeries. I don't think that anybody is ever too old to say that they want to live in a magical woodland forest... I want to live in a magical woodland forest. OoOoO Chapter 5 of OT is in the works. Don't know when it'll be done though.

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Obsidian Thirst Teen 4.5/5 32 4 No 9724
[AU, Pre-New Moon] Bella will do anything to become a vampire. She pushes Edward too far one night and regrets her decision. Chapter 4: Unveiling Truths Bella and Edward each get their encounter with magic. Will this be the answer to their problems?
The Lone Wolf Teen 4.5/5 2 4 Yes 5281
The heart is such a fragile organ. Using it too much can only cause pain. Leah/Sam/Emily Submitted to the Minor Characters Challenge (October 2007)

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