I am a regular 17 year old girl, who has a love for Twilight. Ever since I finished reading the Twilight series (which was I think about three months before the first movie came out), I've been wanting to write a fan fiction. I got an idea for an intense, thick plot, but never found the time to continue writing. Now, four years later, I have decided I will find the time to write. After learning that I can write more adult scenes, the plot changed as I was writing and a new twist to the story turned one fiction into a Trilogy. Glass, the first installment in "The Fragile Trilogy" should be finished by the end of November. Already, I've received an offer by Books2Films, an amateur film making group on youtube, to film a trailer and important scenes when the story is finished. I'm hoping that they will consider filming the whole thing. My ambitions for my trilogy are at an all-time high, and I'm working hard all summer long to finish the story. I hope everyone enjoys!

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Lilliana "Lillie" Abernathy is not your average girl. After a prophetic vampire explains what she has seen, a shocking discovery of her own relations with the Cullens confirms her worst fear; she is destined to become one of the most powerful vampires the world has ever seen. But her past with vampires--dating back to the day she was born--and her confusing feelings between herself, a human, and a werewolf motivate her to become fate defiant, but can she do it?

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