Im a girl. I like books. I love twilight. Its that simple. Well i guess it is olny polite to mention some more about. Well im a new yorker who currently lives in arizona. Im sorry but i dont see why bella likes this place so much. I mean after the first few days were the palm trees look awesome and stuff pases then it finally hits you your living in a hot swetty desert surounded by senior citzens. Im a grade a book worm and PROUD OF IT. I consider being called a geek or nerd a very high complement. I like taylor swift music and a lot of pop or country. I love to sing and think i sound pretty decent but i guess that i doesnt matter if im good cause im to nervous to even sing in front of my cat. I have a tendency to obsess about books. Believe it or no a few years ago i hated twilight and was obsessed with harry potter. I watched the movies over and over again read the books like three times. The reason i hated twilight was because it was a sterio typical super natural teen romance all the girls in my class drooled over. Then a friend dared me to read the first chapter and i was instantly hooked. Twilight is know my obsession and it has been for years. no book has surpassed it in my mind. After that my friend called me a hypocrite for the rest of the year. She hasnt let me live it down since. Im currently the biggest twilight geek at my school and im working on becoming a true twihard. By the way i am strongly oposed to team jacob fans. All my friends are team jacob and i actually gave them the silent treatment for the rest of the week. So if your a Team Edward person like me then message me or if your a Team Jacob fan just lookin to have a fun fight with a vampire chick then message me and we can argue about whos better the leech or the mutt. :)

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Rising Dusk Adult 4/5 1 2 No 1543
When edward leaves bella is left devastated and heart broken convinced that edward never loved her in the first place and it had all been just a game to him. After moping around like a zombie for monthes charlie gets fed up. He makes her move in with relatives in california hoping sending her some place sunny will cheer her up. Because of this bella begins to think her parents are abandoning her too. She runs away to new york and joins a highly ranked incorporation for making the heartless pay for thier crimes. In the process bella becomes almost as cold as the people she kills. So what happens when her past comes back for her. Will they still love her when they find out what she became or will bella be able to hide the truth. Sorry i suck at summarys plus this is my first story. Hope you like it.

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Heartless 0/5 0 0
its hard to explain but i will try any way. So this series is about what happened when edward left bella and how it broke her. You will have to read the books to find out the rest.