As a fan of Twilight, the Vampire Diaries, the Hunger Games (why didn't Gale end up with Katniss??) and pretty much everything in this genre, I couldn't help but wonder what would happen once Stephenie Meyer concluded her Twilight saga. As I'm sure thousands of you have done before me, I wanted to try and pen all the different ideas that I had for the future of the Cullens. Breaking Dawn sparked a catalog of ideas that I have taken to the next level in my book 'Prophecy' which is set seven years in the future (or just under seven years, considering my book in set in July and Nessie turns 'seven-although-fully-grown' in the September). I know most have you must have asked yourself when you leafed through the last pages of BD.. what will Nessie turn out like? Will she return Jacob's imprinting? What is she doesn't? What is he can't wait for her? and will the Volturi rest on their laurels while the Cullens gain in powers / gifts. I have brought out smaller characters like Felix, Demetri (from the Voluturi), Zafrina, and Nahuel, as well as introducing a exceptional psychic, Benjamin, who plays a pivotal role in my story.

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Prophecy - Book 5 of Twilight Saga (Fan Fiction) Adult 5/5 2 7 Yes 13201
Refusing to follow the path laid out for her, Nessie unearths a plot that threatens her very existence. Once again the Olympic Coven must take a stand... but who can they trust? Gripping spin-off in the Twilight Saga Series as Bella and Edward struggle to keep their family together in a desperate bid to survive.

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