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ALLIE'S JOURNEY HOME Adult 0/5 0 9 No 18384
Allie yearns to be a part of a family and decided to find her maternal aunt. After her Memaw is destroyed Allie is lonely and decided to follow her destiny and her visions. They lead her to Forks and to the Cullens. Alice was suprised to find a young hybird on her doorstep claiming to be her neice. Allie and her twin brother Adam give Alice to have a part of her human life as part of her vampire life. Allie not only finds a family in the Cullens finds her true love. Once more the wolves and Cullens must face down an old enemy (Volturi) to save the ones they love.

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Great White Wolf 0/5 0 0
The wolves' and Cullens face: love, loss, happiness and tragedy. When they are attacked and lives are lost they must band together to face the enemy. No one plans on death it just has a way of happenning.