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Book 1 :: Red Horizon Adult 0/5 0 1 No 335
I watched cars zoom past us in the alternate direction back into the perfect arms of Canada. I envied them. I was now going to some place I'd never been and had to meet people I never met. This trip would remind me how much I liked to socialize with Americans. I tried to imagine how this move would be good for me, but I could find now way that it was. How could moving from vast land to a tightly packed place into a small barely populated 'village'. "Why are we doing this again?" I asked my mom as she drove along each turn. Her honey brown eyes moved up to the rear view window to gaze a me with one of her 'Omg, a new place' looks. "Oh, we went over this Aubrey. Moving will help widen your connections. Plus, the blood company I work for will have a great plantation here soon. Forks'll be good for us, ya know?" Mom seemed to squeal before bringing her eyes back to the road. I rolled my eyes and leaned against the car door, staring out the slightly tinted windows. "Sure," I murmured. "If you say so."

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Dawn of the Wolves 0/5 0 1
There are usually two sides to every story: the bright, cheerful side which no one has a problem discussing, and the dark, ominous side, which people ignore. You may have found yourself near tears upon reading the wondrous tale of Isabella Swan, but her story is nothing to mine. You have yet to see the truth in things, as well as the darkness that dear Bella left out. I'm not afraid to show that darkness. I'm not afraid to talk about the dark side of my 'kind'. This is the terrible story of the life of a teen-age girl-Aubrey Uley.