I've loved books ever since I was three years old. I've wanted to read since I was four in kindergarten. My parents taught me, and I was reading small novels by the time I got into Primary School. I was writing my own stories for a while on scrap pieces of paper and old exercise books. I started role playing last year and have developed my writing skills through that medium. I got to know characters, how they thought, how they acted and reacted, interpretations and portrayals. Characters are what I do best, and as a result am pretty good at imitating and using already created characters. Just for the record, I don't claim to own them. They aren't mine. I'm just very good at imitating them in my writing. In any case, thanks for reading through this terribly boring little excerpt and enjoy my stuff^^

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Changeling Teen 0/5 0 1 No 2427
A post-eclipse story of Bella's journey into the dark world of Vampirism, and the unexpected difficulties she encounters.

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