Im Allena.(uh-leen-uh) My vampire name is just Lena. i LOVE the twilight books. I used to be a die hard harry potter fan..but now i have a new obsession. I am yet to read eclipse but i know it will be amazing...and i cant wait for midnight sun to come out. but harry potter will always be apart of my being, even though i like twilight better. Ok i dunno if i know the story well enough to start posting fanfictions..but i will soon enough. i want to read eclipse before i start posting so i'll just read everyone elses for the moment. sexier than you since 1901 luv itasfasdftruenessOMGYESSS

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Last Request Teen 5/5 6 1 No 1438
It's the night of Bella and Edward's dress rehearsal, and Jacob Black ahs one last request. *Song Fic to Paolo Nutini's Last Request*

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