My real name is Jennifer. My pen name, Chandrakanta, is Indian and means "loved by the moon" or "beloved of the moon," which I use in reference to the Twilight fandom (since I'm Team Edward). My stories are also posted on my blog, ADF, AO3, FictionPad, TWCS, & Twilighted. My stories update very, very slowly. I'm sorry about that. My muse has a short attention span and is constantly juggling ideas. To try to make up for that personal failing, I try to write each chapter as a one-shot (or TV episode). There may be some cliffhangers, but each chapter should be brought into a fairly satisfactory conclusion so that readers aren't left in too much suspense. I generally don't care for stories that have the following content: cheating/adultery, PWP, excessive fluff, and/or excessive angst. I'm also on the fence with most BDSM fics. While I like many non-BDSM D/s stories, I've only read a couple actual BDSM stories that I can say I actually like and would read again (and they're not the really popular ones). I only read/write HEA stories. I generally prefer canon pairings, but am open to some non-canon pairings as well. Feel free to join my Facebook group! I gave occasional updates on what I'm doing there; it's also a place to get story recs from other authors, as well as access to my library of downloaded fan fiction stories.

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Îngerul Morții (one-shot) Adult 5/5 1 1 Yes 12937
He's roamed the world, protecting the innocent from the evil who prowl among them, an Angel of Death on Earth. It is his sole purpose in life since he lost his other half and became immortal, until he finds her again. She's young and innocent, studying the criminal mind and how to combat it. She's glimpsed the darker side of humanity and is ready to join him in his crusade.
A Rift in the Pattern Adult 3/5 1 1 No 2029
During an attempt to harness what is believed to be a better energy source, two scientists bore a hole through the fabric of reality. In a world of peace and prosperity, where war and poverty are things only known through stories of the distant past, how will its people battle the evil released upon the world?
Changing the Future Adult 5/5 3 3 No 4795
Just before Bella comes to Forks, both she and Edward receive a package of 4 books. Their lives change now they know a version of the future. Can they do better this time, learn from the books? Canon rewrite of DeydreamBeliever's original story.
Umbra (one-shot) Adult 5/5 1 1 Yes 9187
Bella knows her destiny has always been to become a vampire, joined with Edward for eternity. Edward, cherishing his mate’s humanity, has long fought against the inevitable. Reunited, they are learning to become a stronger couple. Will they learn to overcome the dark thoughts and doubts that plague them? Eclipse chapter one rewritten.
Endless Wonder Adult 5/5 1 1 No 12464
After saving the life of the President, two Secret Service agents find themselves abruptly transferred to a massive, top-secret storage facility in South Dakota that houses every strange artifact, mysterious relic, fantastical object, and supernatural souvenir ever collected. The warehouse's custodian, Carlisle Cullen, charges Edward and Bella with chasing down reports of supernatural and paranormal activity in search of new objects to cache at the warehouse, as well as helping him to control the warehouse itself.

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