A lover of Twilight since one fateful weekend when I cracked open the spine of the beloved adventure, I enjoy reading, writing and drawing. Which, of course, means that this website is a perfect fit for me. I'll try to get some drawings going, tough I don't know about fics... I prefer roleplaying. So yeah, now that I have time, here's a pretty short, to the point analysis of me: -Name: Vanessa (middle name withheld cause it's so gross) Rocca -15... soon to be 16 on June 28th -Grade 10.. and HATING SCHOOL -Fluent in english, french and a smattering of italiano picked up from many Nonnas and Nonnoas back in Italy -Eldest daughter in a somewhat dysfunctional italian family (we love food) -One sister and a cat -Resides in Woodbridge -Loves reading, writing, computer and drawing -Relishes in art, music and photography -Shows maternal instinct to anything slightly sympathetic that lives -Self declared hippie/naturalist -Not afraid to admit that I am in love with a fictional character (now who could THAT be.. ;P) -A self-proclaimed drama queen and extremist -Loves her friends and family -Rocks the nintendo and music scene XD -Facebook OBSESSED. -Used to value Neopets above my life ... :) -In love with my neighbor (after dear Edward, of course) -LIVIN' LIFE TO THE FULLEST!! :) So yeah... that's just about the story of my boring pathetic life.

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Mirrored Pain Teen 4.5/5 19 1 No 1780
What if Edward knew that Jacob was taking care of Bella while he lay in the attic of a store in South America? What would happen if by the time Edward heard about Bella's plans to jump off a cliff, that he had already caved into his mounting jealousy and pain and had boarded a plane to return to his beloved? What if Edward was there before Jacob to save Bella from her own choices? Would this alternate path lead to the bliss Edward and Bella both craved, or inflict more pain than it would heal? This is AU, as you've probably guessed. Pairings are all canon. Besides that, I'm not all that sure of what the rating is or might turn out to be, I'm cautiously rating this teen.

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