I'm another one of those aspiring authors. I try to breathe inspiration but on most days it lives for a short while then fades, and my muse is fickle. Such is life. I do love to write, though, and I've found enough inspiration in the Twilight fandom that it has caused me to love it. The rabid fanbase, not so much, but ah, the vampires? Oh yes. As for writing preferences, most of my work is one-shots, and I usually end up writing Bella POV, with some sort of ship thrown in there. I'm an Edward/Bella girl with a serious weakness for Edward/Rosalie and Edward/Tanya. I adore Alice, and Jasper/Alice is my favourite ship, hands down. I'm starting to lean toward Jacob/Bella, though. Team Swiss, anyone? Apart from the Cullens, though, my favourites have to be Tanya's Denali clan and the Volturi. Definitely a vampire girl here. I'm constantly looking for betas who can dish it out on style and flow. I've got my grammar down, and characterisation usually isn't an issue, and I've got pretty high standards. But if you're at all interested, feel free to email me and I'll get back to you, mostly likely within 24 hours. I like to beta as well, though the high standards come up again. I'm open to most anything, though I would like to see previous work before agreeing to beta. Yet again, email me and we'll chat about it. | <a href="">cails</a> @ LJ (personal journal) | synthalia @ LJ (writing comm, among other things)

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Pour the night into a glass Teen 5/5 4 1 Yes 3063
He would’ve avoided the reception had it not been fifty feet from the actual wedding, but the fact is he can’t leave without goodbye, so he slowly pushes his father toward laughter and champagne and congratulations. Bella says goodbye to Jacob. Edward/Bella, Jacob/Bella

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