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Initial Reaction:

Shock. I was absolutely stunned . . . and not in a good way. Like many people, I thought it read like fan fiction. Which was BEYOND disappointing. Of course BD had its good moments as well, but not enough to compensate for the poor plot, ooc characters, and just general weirdness. Hybrid baby, anyone?

Okay, so I know that there are a lot of people who loved the book, and I understand and respect that. I am not trying to offend anyone here . . . I'm simply trying to state my opinions. So please, no one get angry.

Alright, here are the reasons that BD was less-than-satisfactory for me:

1) Edward, where art thou?

I felt that after the wedding/honeymoon, Edward disappeared. His character, which in previous books was so STRONG and OPINIONATED, just sort of . . faded away. He was quiet, he didn't bond with Renesmee, and he just sort of, well I don't know, he just wasn't Edward-ish to me. Throughout the whole pregnancy he wasn't Bella's supporter, and they never even really talked about it. In previous books Bella and Edward had serious conversations about anything, but then suddenly after marriage, they can't talk things out? I get that Bella is stubborn, but that's a bit ridiculous.

EW, I can not BELIEVE I just read that!

The graphic birth/transformation scene was nasty. I'm not against it, exactly, but the multitude of details really turned my stomach. Since when is Twilight into horror? Honestly?

Eclipse was about making the choice to become a bloodthirsty savage, and BD was about not having to deal with the bloodlusty consequences.

She wakes up with perfect self control. SM, I adore you and your writing, but if your characters don't deal with the consequences of their actions, then what is the point? Bella knew she would have to struggle with bloodlust, but she made the choice anyway. That made Eclipse strong. In BD she's gifted with this miraculous self control, and all the worrying and talking and agonizing in Eclipse is worth nothing. It sort of lessened the 'hugeness' of the choice for me.

Ah, the romance of Edward biting her . . .

. . . was not there. He plunged a syringe in her heart. I was looking forward to some romantic, Edward/Bella scene. But SM wrote a bloody Edward/Bella/Jacob scene involving a hybrid vamp baby. Completely unexpected.

Where's the PG, totally innocent, makes-your-heart-beat-twice-as-fast, exhilarating romance?

I got so used to SM's beautiful, chills-inducing Edward/Bella moments that it shocked me when they weren't there in BD. A finger brushing along her cheek, an electrifying glance, one of his drop dead gorgeous, faint inducing crooked smiles . . . missing. I mourned the lack of B/E love, chemistry, and want. This story was less Edward/Bella as it was Jacob/Bella/Nessie.

From faintly possible to WHAT THE HALE JUST HAPPENED?!?

In the first three books SM made us believe in vampires. She wove the story in such a beautiful, realistic way as to make it seem that yes, there COULD be a mythological world existing right around our mundane human lives. Then, in BD, all the carefully crafted realistic aspects went out the window. Most of the entire book was based in the Cullen home, away from humans and things we could relate too. Bella got pregnant (the joys of loopholes), Bella got CHANGED, Jake imprinted on the miraculous, unique, half human/half vampire baby. The twilight universe became just that - the twilight universe. There was no mention of our world in there.

Edward's Issue Becomes a Non-Issue

Vampires have lost their souls.

Well, apparently Edward had some sort of total mental turn around, and now believes differently. The religious, soul aspect of the series wasn't even TOUCHED on. Edward, as detached as he was in the book, wasn't bothered by turning Bella. He never talks about how his wife is now soulless, or his daughter. Its just forgotten. Another testament to Edward's ghost like, forgettable presence in BD.


I could rant for hours on this baby. First off, I have always been against Bella-getting-pregnant. Its just STRANGE. And SM has always led us to believe that its impossible. So even though, when we go back and look, it IS in fact possible according to the loopholes in her quotes, its still annoying.

Bella has never wanted kids either. In all three books she's made it clear that the sacrifice of giving away her ability to have kids isn't too important, so when in BD its suddenly the main plot line, I find it hard to believe. Or understand. Not to mention that during her whole incomprehensible pregnancy she's bffs with Rosalie (who, don't get me wrong, I LOVE), she never discusses it with Edward, and she's suddenly totally into blood. Is this the same girl that fainted in Biology during blood testing?

Then Renesmee turns out to be this beautiful/perfect/intelligent/fast growing/sensitive/flawless/unique miracle child. Maybe I could handle the baby thing - MAYBE - if the kid hadn't been so darn perfect. She makes every character in the story love her, and because she is SO flawless, I can't relate to her or understand her. She's beyond me. And I really don't like her for it.

Not to mention her name - Renesmee Carlie? Nessie? It doesn't flow, its just too weird, and since when is Bella all for naming kids after the grandparents?

I don't know, the fact that Bella and Edward had a kid bothered me. The fact that Edward and the kid had no connection bothered me more. The fact that the kid seemed to be more in love with Jacob then Edward REALLY bothered me.


Yes, I love you, but see I made out with your Mom too . . .


Just no.

I was all for Jacob and Leah slowly healing together, understanding each other, and eventually hopefully becoming something more. I adored Leah in this book. I feel like I finally understood her, and then SM just sort of forgot about her. Leah got no closure.

Anyways, and then Jacob imprints on Bella and Edward's DAUGHTER? I'm sure that many people have ranted about this, but I just can't seem to let it go! Its so weird! Jacob got more time and love with Nessie than Edward did, which made me mad. I mean, if you're going to mess up Edward and Bella's relationship with a kid, you have to at least give Edward the amazing dad role. Instead he got shifted off to the side, and Jake got the spotlight! Infuriating, really.

And what's going to happen in the future? Is Jake going to tag along with the Cullens for the rest of forever, or is the hybrid child going to eventually leave the Cullens to be with Jake? It makes no sense!!!

Anticlimatic Volturi OOC-ness

The big bad Volturi show up after tons of SM prepping for a big ol' bloody showdown. Then they peacefully talk things out and leave.

Um, wow.

SM - your ending to the series was simply too PERFECT. It was sugary disney goodness, with no complexity or loss. You gave Bella everything she wanted plus more (self control, baby, Charlie, super powers) but you didn't make her lose anything. Perhaps it would have been easier to swallow if, for instance, Charlie wasn't allowed in Bella's life anymore, or she didn't have a gift, or if there had been a fight scene and a few beloved characters had died. But no. Bella becomes a celebrated, PERFECT vampire with flawless self control, an incredible gift, a unique and perfect child, a gorgeous husband, and beauty to boot. She keeps all the things she was afraid of losing - Jacob and Charlie and herself - and was never truly grateful for it.

Final Thoughts?

I'm sorry BD fans, and SM, but I just can't accept this as the closure for this series. I know that to many it is, but for me it is not. I'll put my crazy overactive imagination to use, and come up with something more believable and relatable. Less mary sue-ish.

There were parts of BD I LOVED - particularly anything with Jasper, the wedding, Alice's mission, meeting all the other vamps, Seth and Leah's roles, and Bella's vampire senses descriptions, but . . .

Overall, it fell flat. There was too much perfection, not enough loss, and too many unfinished ends.

I'm sorry again BD fans!!!! But I guess I AM Team Trilogy now. I just can't accept the vampire hybrid baby . . . or Jake's imprint, or Edward's disappearance, or hardly anything else.

No one kill me!!!! I still love the Twilight Universe, and all you guys! I'm just . . . upset about BD.

xoxo Final Grade for Breaking Dawn? C -October, 2009: I'm updating again! I have a FINISHED Jacob/Leah story (12 chapters!) that I will be systematically uploading over the next month or so. It's sarcastic and snarky and full of bad language - really fun, overall. Leah cracks me up. I giggle to myself frequently while typing. And I'm going to finish Rosalie vs. Lauren . . . I accept ideas for Rosalie vs. Lauren all the time, simply because I run out of inspiration quickly. It's a fun story to write, but I can't connect it to my life at all. So writer's block shows up far more than I appreciate. So yeah - review and read! Or read and review! Or neither - I really can't control anything. I hope everybody enjoys my work!

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The Cullens - Animated/Colored 4.5/5 248 5
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