So apparently I'm Carlisle Cullen, or at least freakishly like him. Though I do have Jasper days sometimes. I relate every song I hear to Twilight without even meaning to. (C'mon, "She Looks to Me" is definitely one of the best Bella/Jacob songs ever. And "Part of Your World"? How is that not about wanting to be a vampire?) I'm a Jake lover – HE IS MINE. – but I understand why people are Edward fans. Edward and Bella belong together, as proven by (the incredibly Austen-esque) New Moon. I am scarily obsessed with this series. I'm sure it can't be healthy.

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Guardian Angel Everyone 5/5 1 1 No 1214
Being ladylike had never been Esme Platt's strong point (whatever she may choose to believe). But one day, an unladylike incident leads to an encounter that will change her life forever... My take on Carlisle & Esme's first meeting.

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