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10/9/09 hey guys, thanks for the reviews so far. after a super duper long break, im back, and im gonna try to write and write and write. i have some major things to do the next couple of days, but if i really dont feel like doing that crap, then maybe ill write me some more fanfiction! -c. cullen p.s. what would you like to happen in the next chapter? choose one: 1. find out why bella changed her name 2. to meet some new characters (a her little sister, b her ex boyfriend, c her friends meg and allie) 3. for bella to run into some old twilight characters

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Runaway Groom Teen 3.5/5 15 5 No 4008
The invitations were sent. The location was booked. Everything was in place for the joining of Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen in holy matrimony... but when Bella woke up the day of, all that was left was a note: Bella, I love you. I won't say that it will be as if I never existed, for I know that I cannot make you forget something. I will not tell you to try to love again. I would greatly encourage you to live your life well, and that is why I am gone. You'll be safer without me. Please Bella, never blame yourself. You are, were, and will be all that I ever wanted in my existance. Forgive me. -Edward Be safe. Now, Belle's friend is getting married, her other friend is throwing a halloween masquerade, and maybe, just maybe with all these chances, Belle can find love again.

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