The Starling

I am an avid reader, writer, actress, singer, pianist and artist who loves actors like Keira Knightley and Anne Hathaway, Scarlett Johansson and Johnny Depp (the list could go on). I usually am working on several independent writing projects at a time and overindulge in books (tehe, yay!) =P My goal is to obtain a carreer in singing-acting-writing (like Julie Andrews, my role model). And I have first dibs on all the boys who live in the U.S. (the worth-while ones, of course) and three-hundred of my friend's British men (cuz she dibbed all of Great Britain's guys) even though I'll have to give them all up eventually for my husband, a member of the U.S. Army. (the husband part is futuristic) I'm light and outgoing and love going on trips, by car or by plane. I love my mommy and my daddy, of course! ;) And even though my siblings are a pain--I love them, too.

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When the World Turns Red Everyone 5/5 22 1 No 890
Edward and Bella are expecting a baby! But an unexpected visit endangers their future life... Story is on hiatus. Inspiration pending...

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