hi. so, this is topaz_eyes_in_forks. this is like the first time i've been on in 19831290832190 years. sorry about that, :[. i'm a terrible person. but while you're reading this, here's five things that you should know about me. just for future reference. ya know. - i don't use that great of grammar anymore. - i have a very nice boyfriend, who is also six years older than me. i get a lot of crap for that, but it's coo, it's coo. - i have a stupid username. i was like, 12, okay? - the whole twilight fanbase (minus YOU GUYS! <3) pretty much sucks now, and i will probably scream and cry about it to you. - i'm a busy person, but i'll update as much i can. please try to be patient, i'm so sorry! and, that's all. show love and i give love back. (: (that means be nice.) OH! and i will beta. i love beta-ing. it makes me feel special.

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What if Bella and Edward were human? What if blood wasn't the problem? What if mythical creatures weren't the problem? But what if mortality still got in the way?