Hello everyone! Mana Kuroba here! (haha that's a pseudonym, you didn't think I would put my real name would you? ) I depend heavily on spell check to write my fics, well anything for that matter...I just can't spell. 9/18/08 Hi everyone! I'm not dead! Yes scary huh? Well big 'news' or whatever, I've decided to delete Impulse and Mysterious Eyes after I realized that A) the plot sheep or bunnies or something have fled and died in anbandoned well out in the country where mass murders lurk aka my mind. and B) it has been not months but almost a whole frikin YEAR since i updated those. I deeply apologize for the fans of those. Eventually I'll rewrite Mysterious Eyes, I think, because I liked that story. But for now I'll write intermittents of oneshots and possibly some short stories if I find time. On a lighter note, check out Ghoti_and_Glasses, a joint account of me and my buddy Anita (twilightfan_94). Expect some funny stuff. Joint projects by the both of us will be posted there.

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Bella the sock puppet Teen 4/5 87 1 Yes 544
Disclaimer! OMG this is a FANFICTION!!!!(notice the word fan) therefore I do not own any of this! Drugs? Socks? An occaissionally emo vampire? And a...blood box...?0.o?
Untold Twilight Stories Everyone 5/5 93 4 No 3552
DISCLAIMER:Oh MY GOD! IT"S STEPHANIE MEYER THE AUTHOR OF TWILIGHT! oh look it's afterxdreaming that...crazy...person..that writes fanfics... What the Twilight Characters do when we're not reading... Special Thanks to twilghtfan_94 for making me write these crazy stories down, other wise I would have kept putting it off and off...(Until I'm Bella...:p )
Twilight ZONE; the Heartbreak Internet Chat room! Teen 4.5/5 40 1 Yes 920
Disclaimer: Hey guess what? I OWN NOTHING!!! Jacob finds a person he can relate to on some kind of dating site, now really is that smart?
Meet Happy Jane, Hungry Jane, and Jane in something besides a cloak Everyone 5/5 19 1 Yes 1
yeah as you guys can guess, it's Jane. Jane is awesome!
Scarred Everyone 4.5/5 23 1 Yes 1
It's Emily by the way...
Flickering Flame Everyone 5/5 40 3 Yes 2
Yay! One of my favorite characters to draw! The evil antagonist; Victoria! yay!
Sleeping in Silence Everyone 4/5 12 1 No 1
A picture of Brooke and Izzy from were_pire_luv93's My Angel and Kaiwynn's Night-sprite.
Interveiws with the Vampire! Everyone 4/5 48 1 Yes 968
Alice decides to interveiw everyone for her own amusment on the topic of Eclipse... (no spoilers since this was written before it came out) afterxdreaming's Cupcake Challenge Entry! Congrats to Alcyone, addictedtotwilight, and Love_Bites!!!!!! Yay!!!!
Izzy Everyone 4.5/5 8 1 Yes 1
A colored pic of Izzy from the fic and this is what happens when the combinations turn volatile. Izzy preview

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Chornicles of the Twilight Crackfics 4.5/5 340 6
A collection of Twilight crackfics, when authors are extremly high...tee~hee! ^.^