Okay, the reason I have such an unusual name is because Jane just so happens to be my favourite character. So sue me. Rosalie is my second favorite, Leah is my third. Alec's pretty cool too. If you're so curious that you want to know WHY Jane is my favourite, well... it's hard to explain. As for normal characters, I'm with Darcy- not Edward or Jacob. Honestly, I knew I could do nothing about Bella ending up with Edward, and Jacob got a nice ending, too. I play piano marginally well. (Eh, XD I can play Fur Eloise...) I'm in high school, and I live in America. (Wow, sounds odd to say that because most people just say USA!) I love spring! I'm a Christain, and I do make banners, I beta, and I do write, one-shots mostly. I'm getting better at longer stuff, but most of it is stuff I'm too embarassed to post. Well, some of my old stuff is embarassing. Bleh. As far as my stories go: Working on them: A Lifetime is a Difference: A Difference Makes a Lifetime, Angela POV. Angela/Jasper centric Finished/ Published: The First has been deleted, I'm re-writing it. Bad Bear, Bad Bear, wacha gonna do?- Emmett makes a mistake while hunting. (I just love being mysterious.) A Difference Makes a Lifetime: Jacob imprints on Alice, Jasper imprints on Angela. Jacob/ Alice centic Fastest read of each book: Twilight-3 days New Moon- a week (I was mad at Edward so I gave up on it for a while) Eclipse-one day (it took until 3 in the morning but I finished!)Breaking Dawn-1 day. If you want the other chapter of Bad bear, bad bear, watcha gonnna do? email me and clicky the contact button.

Stories Written (5)

Title Age Rating Reviews Chapters Complete Words
Edward and Bella go sledding Everyone 4.5/5 17 1 Yes 477
Just a funny cute little oneshot about Bella's balance problems in combination with a sled. Oh, and lots of dialouge.
Bad bear, bad bear, wacha gonna do? Everyone 5/5 16 1 Yes 528
Emmett goes on a hunt, and gets a call that Bella needs a ride to the hospital because all the cars have broken down... but what happens to the bear he was drinking from???
A Diffence makes a Lifetime Teen 5/5 22 11 Yes 6740
At Bella's graduation party in Eclipse, something vital becomes completly different. Is that why Jasper made a mistake? And why is Jacob following her around? Poor Angela.
Edward and Bella go ice skating! Everyone 5/5 6 2 Yes 1034
Bella takes the Cullen family minus Carlisle ice skating and hilarity ensues. Plus some unexpected surprises! Sequel to Edward and Bella go sledding! but you don't have to read that one first. BTW: Two-shot!
Edward and Bella go dancing. Everyone 0/5 3 1 Yes 793
Edward and Bella go to a club in Mexico to dance, and humans are mesmerized. Songfic from Kenny Chesney and Uncle Cracker's "When the Sun Goes Down" One-shot

Series Written (1)

Title Rating Reviews Stories
The Adventures of Edward and Bella! 4.5/5 26 3
The Adventures of Edward and Bella! is a series about the hilarity of unwritten events during the books, such as when Edward and Bella go sledding, and when Edward and Bella go Ice Skating! :) Hilarity! (Well, I hope so!)