Loved Graphic Design, Drawing, Sketching, Art, Painting, writing Poetry, Lyrics, Stories. Loves Twilight and Harry Potter with a passion. And anything that is written by Meg Cabot. Is an Edward/Bella shipper but feels very sorry for poor Jacob. Runs www.thelionandthelamb.co.nr/ Which is a graphic-based site that is dedicated to the romantic pairing of Edward Cullen and Isabella Swan. Likes to talk about herself in third person. And would also love it if you read her stories!

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My Heart Everyone 3.5/5 6 1 Yes 1189
My Heart Jacob runs into Bella after she's married Edward and has a few things left to say. A Post-Eclipse Songfic. Reveiws are appreciated as this is my first Fanfic on here, tell me if I've got this gig wrong.

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