My real name is Tiffany, Anethyst Ornella is the name of my future adopted baby girl from China. I love the Twilight series and after reading the first book I was automatically hooked. Truthfully, i still haven't read the parts of new moon where Bella and Jacob connect thoroughly. I know, but I strongly believe in Bella and Edward. The way that I imagine the story when I write it is as if I'm a spectator, watching and actually putting myself in their shoes. I love Manga, and it's on my list of things to do to write a story and create a manga, I've already written the story. Manga I like include Vampire Knight, Bleach, Naruto, Hana Kimi, and Junjo Romantica. I have lots more but sometimes I can't remember the names. By the By, Vampirelord is my closest friend. LOL I know, weird. LATER

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Basking in the Sun Adult 4/5 38 2 No 3512
Edward is Bella's Sun and Jacob is he moon, when she descides to end her life as Bella Swan and begin it as Bella Cullen, how will it turn out? Characters: Everyone from twilight who hasn't died yet. CHAPTER 2 IS OUT! REVIEW PLEASE!

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