Okay, let's start with basics. I'm in seventh grade, have black hair and brown eyes, and I'm twelve. Enough said. My favourite books would probably be... Twilight (duh!), New Moon (also VERY obvious), The Chanters of Tremaris Trilogy (betcha haven't heard of that one! That's where Calwyn came from! By Kate Constable), Gathering Blue (yes, the book by that Lois Lowry who's won awards for the Giver), The Messenger (by Lois Lowry), Bloomablility (by Sharon Creech), ALL of Tamora Pierce's books, and MANY, MANY MORE... I know, my book list sounds wierd and a bit juvenile, but hey, I'm in middle school! My life probably hasn't been as long as yours so far! Yeah, okay, my life isn't that interesting. Basically, it centers around the world of Stephanie Meyer (aka Twilight), and I practically live in Forks (in my mind, of course). I have never written fan fic before the stuff I have on here (only one story that's not even long enough to be called a story, may I add). So bear with me if my writing bores you to death. That should wrap it up..! So there's all that you need to know about the person whose penname came from a fantasy book--Calwyn. Happy now?

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Not enough for forever Everyone 4.5/5 23 1 No 1259
If Edward hadn't changed Bella. If she died. What would happen?
On the Edge of a Knife Everyone 4.5/5 32 2 No 3862
One day, Edward is acting strange, and Bella has no idea why. That night...

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