Hey, it's been a while so i thought I should change some of the stuff on my bio . . . I don't really like Lord fo the Rings that much anymore because I've started writing my own stuff . . . again. I go in and out with Twilight but Ed and Jasper and mine *glares at fangirls* I've written a couple of crossovers with Ed and Co but I think I might have a go at writing some pure Twilight fanfic. I'll warn you now though, if you don't like absolute canon don't read my stuff because i believe fanfiction exists for you to take a world made by someone else and - for no prophet - twist it into something . . . similar but still original . . . anyways, hope you like my stuff when I get around to it - Breia

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Gold and Violet Teen 5/5 3 2 No 2043
When Taeliwren shows up in Forks, Washington, she is surprised to find that an old friend of hers still remembers her and that his family is willing to take her in until she finds a way back to her world but when an old relationship is rekindled, will she want to go back? R&R
Eternal Nights Teen 4/5 1 2 No 2479
When the Cullens inform their friend Lira (an elven vampire) that they found a group of travellers, dead, Lira realizes she must help stop it for there have also been many other multiple deaths in the mountains but whom or what is causing it? But Lira and her newly acquired family face another setback, they have been exiled. How will they help or will it be too late? R
Always Remember You Everyone 5/5 1 1 Yes 509
Set sometime during Breaking Dawn but I wrote this like, a week before it came out for a short story challenge on www.biteoftwilight.com. The night before Bella and Edward’s wedding, Bella is thinking about Jacob Black and what it would be like to see him one more time before she was changed into vampire. Read and review please.

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