I am eighteen years old, and Twilight is one of my favorite series of all time, next to Harry Potter. Haha. Fanfiction is my addiction. Yes, I made that rhyme on purpose. Anyway, I have one story up called "The Book of Shadows" that I hope you'll enjoy. I absolutely adore reviews, so please don't be shy!

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The Book of Shadows Teen 5/5 5 1 No 3454
Banner by me. It is not your ability that defines you. It is your nature; it is your very self. Who or what you choose to be. And soon enough, you will learn that what's written in print is not always permanent. Sometimes, it's just the dark mass that looms over your head, all the shadows of doubt and lack of reason, which makes the sun hard to see. Includes all canon ships and an original character. Also, I just want to inform everyone that this story has nothing to do with Wicca, despite the whole Book of Shadows thing. Only after I started writing this did I realize such a book had to do with that.
Turned Tables Teen 5/5 6 1 No 3829
Banner by me. Isabella Swan did not anticipate Death approaching her so early on in life. Of course, Edward Cullen had similar expectations. Follow them in their death in the strange land known as Sequel, where the tables have so overbearingly turned.
An Ugly Lie Everyone 5/5 4 1 Yes 274
Banner by me. Edward leaves Bella alone in the forest.

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