Poppy Cullen

I give thanks to our goddess, the one and only Stephenie Meyer, who not only created this universe and these characters, but allows us to play with them! Poppy is a twenty-something musician who takes breaks from researching her own vampire novel to read lots of YA fiction. She is lucky enough to have found her own Edward (although he has the small problem of being human), and like a gentleman, he patiently listens to her delusions. Cats will be her downfall. Either that, or chocolate.

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Not of Dust, But of Darkness Teen 5/5 9 1 Yes 1098
It's been well established that no vampire is ever going to have children. Unless, you know, you change a child into a vampire. Now, whoever would be as selfish as to do something like that? If you guessed Rosalie, you would be right. But perhaps this action isn't as shallow as Carlisle thinks... maybe she's just taking cues from dear old Dad.

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