Maria Dubois

Hello, my (real) name is Claire (my pen name is Maria Dubois. The name Maria is the Spanish form of Mary, which means "star of the sea" and my false surname, Dubois, once had do do with wood, and woodcutters, so I think my pen name means "star of the sea who is either a woodcutter or lives in the woods.") . I'm a teenage girl and my every second thought is about the Twilight series, as is to be expected. I discovered the Twilight series last summer, and now I'm hooked! I love reading fanfics and looking at fanart as often as possible, as well as occasionally roleplaying some of the charcters on my computer, which, like me, is located in the western United States (although in my dreams, I live in Volterra, or Tuscany, or Venice, or . . .ok, I'll admit it. Or Forks.). Stephenie Meyer and her outstanding books rock!

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A Tense Reunion Teen 3/5 7 1 No 828
Bella has been a vampire for about five years. She decides that it's time to visit Jacob. Jacob agrees. That pretty much sums it up.

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