Name: Nollie Moriah Bilayne Likes: Cheese, bright colors, socks, green, Cookie Monster (see below), writing, and reading. Dislikes: Veggie Monster (see below), phonebooks, stalkers, stale skittles, and throwing up. Wishes: To have my own personal Edward someday (Preferably one that does not want to eat me), for a new cell phone, a lot of money to buy every bookstore in America. OH MY GOSHNESS!!!
I AM SOOOO ANGRY! SAVE COOKIE MONSTER! SIGN THE PETITION! http://www.petitiononline.com/cookie12/petition.html COOKIE MONSTER DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE TREATED LIKE THIS! SAAAAVE HIIIIIMMMM! Whew, sorry. Rant over. Please don't hold this against me if you think Cookie Monster should have his Cookie Jar taken away. Everybody knows what this is about, I assume? ---Nollie (and please, review, review, REVIEW! Thanks.)

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An Unexpected Gift Teen 4.5/5 102 5 No 2963
Bella gets pregnant. What is Charlie's reaction? Will the baby be okay? (And all those other questions) WARNING: This story contains fluff in random places. CHAPTER 4: SurpriseIS UP!!!! Chapter 5: Of Vampires and Strangers will be up soon.

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