Metum Capere is Latin and means to be inspired by fear.About my fan-fics... The title of my first story is Media Nox. This is also Latin (in case you couldn't tell) and it means in the dead of night. I thought that this was an appropriate title because, not only is Latin a "dead language," but most of the legends of vampires concern the night. Even Stephenie Meyer's vampires are made famous by their night-factor (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, etc...). This fan-fic is my first to be completed. My second fan-fic is called The Sharpest Lives. I was listening to The Black Parade, an album by My Chemical Romance, and had the greatest idea for a story. Naturally, I wanted to incorporate my inspiration into the fan-fic itself. It's still a work in progress, and I hope you enjoy it. My series Embracing Change is all about how each member of the Cullen family met their fate and joined the coven. So far, the series consists of the stories of Carlisle and Alice. Hopefully (should I ever have time) I'll add onto the series with Jasper, Emmett, Esme, Edward, and Rosalie's stories. About me... I have two feet and several pairs of shoes. I prefer jello to pudding and pudding to dirt. Fiction is fiction and should stay that way, I'd be alarmed if Harry Potter decided it would be cool to take over the world. I'm 5'2" (I think) and have no reason to quite school. I believe in writing binges, not mowing the lawn, and sometimes the toothfairy (but only if my little sisters asks me about what color her hair is). 2+2=fish and monsters are just as afraid of doctors as we are. I have hair and two eyes. One of them is green and the other one is green, too. I admire those who know that it's hard to be perfect but work hard at reaching perfection anyways. And tight-rope walkers. Personally, I would pee myself and then fall off the rope. Somehow, I make friends that are always taller than me but never shorter than me. Which I'm not too upset about because having friends shorter than me makes me feel big ("Does this friend make me look fat?"). I know this bio hasn't been really informative, but I hope it was just as much fun to read as it has been to write.

Stories Written (4)

Title Age Rating Reviews Chapters Complete Words
Media Nox Teen 5/5 53 17 Yes 24561
Image Hosted by Hunter is cocky, cynical, and careless. His two weaknessess are lack of trust and writing. When his mother encourages him to do something other than writing, he drives to a nearby state park for some peace and quiet. However, when darkness closes in around him, Hunter finds himself lost. Frustrated and tired, he decides to look for it in the morning when the sun is up. In the dead of night, Hunter wakes up to unfamiliar voices. One is a beautiful voice of a woman and the other is the voice of a hateful man who wants nothing to do with Hunter. The man and woman turn him into something he thought never was possible. Hunter is then forced to endure a new life, a new set of values, a new family, and a new diet. He then comes in contact with the werewolves of La Push and meets Jacob. After he eventually comes to terms with himself, a massive responsibility is forced on his shoulders that changes him…hopefully, for the better. Most characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. IRIS!!! Beautiful banner, I owe you a high five and maybe a surprise... ;)
The Sharpest Lives Teen 5/5 53 10 No 15340
“So, there are real werewolves?” Bella asked. “With the full moon ad silver bullets and all that?” Jacob snorted. “Real. Does that make me imaginary?” “You know what I mean.” “Full moon, yes,” Edward said. “Silver bullets, no – that was just another one of those myths to make humans feel like they had a sporting chance. There aren’t very many of them left. Caius has had them hunted into near extinction.” (Breaking Dawn 745) You’re the one that I need, I’m the one that you loathe… ---JokesOnJane, you're AMAZING!!!1! Thanks for the banner!
Hate, Fate, and Potatoes Adult 3.8/5 5 1 Yes 1637
How did Carlisle Cullen meet his fate on that cold night in England?
Asylum Angel Everyone 5/5 4 1 Yes 1655
How did Alice forget her entire past? Who was the mysterious doctor that helped her survive James' attack?

Series Written (2)

Title Rating Reviews Stories
Embracing Change 0/5 0 0
These are a series of short stories based off of how each character in the Cullen family changed into a vampire. Stay with me as I update the series, so far it is incomplete!
Embracing Change 3.8/5 9 2
These stories are a collection of why and under what circumstances all of the members of th Cullen family came to be vampires.