Hey what's happening hot stuff? Haha did you like that little reference to 16 Candles. I know I did. Anyways I am just your basic freakishly obsessed Twilight fan. In case you're wondering I am Team Edward but I don't hate Jacob, I think he's really sweet albeit a little misguided in his actions. If you want to know more about me then just head on over to your friendly neighborhood MySpace. my URL came from M*A*S*H just thought I would put that out there. Well ttyl. PS: Vampires can't have kids. Never ever ever. Random thought: Why is everyone making Tanya evil and manipulative? People are crucifying her in their stories because she hit on Edward and told him she had a thing for him. BFD! I think that is a little hypocritical of us, don't you think? I mean we talk about all the time how we wish we were Bella and sometimes even replacing her. I thought people would be more sympathetic toward Tanya. Hell, she's in the same position as the rest of us: We have no Edward Cullen to sweep us off our feet *sigh*.

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I Never Meant to Cause You Trouble Teen 0/5 4 2 No 1462
Alice's human life to the time when she was sent away to the time when she finally found her family. Enjoy and review.
Your Guardian Angel Everyone 5/5 35 8 No 7111
AU: I vowed from that day forward that I would be Isabella’s shelter from the storm and that I would protect her." Edward becomes Bella's guardian angel.
The Only Thing I'll Ever Need Everyone 3.3/5 10 1 Yes 598
"Alice was the only thing that kept me anchored." Jasper's POV as he waits for Alice's return from Volterra. Oneshot.
Of Angels and Humanity Everyone 2.5/5 2 1 Yes 1639
Emmett's POV through his change and meeting his angel Rosalie. One-shot.

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