Sara, 23 years old, ex-English-major college dropout. The plan is to be a happy, starving novelist. I like going for long walks and getting into a boring lack of trouble hanging out with my friends. I have a pair of headphones attached to me 40 percent of the time. J.K. Rowling is my hero. Jacob Black and Remus Lupin are my fictional boyfriends - apparently I have some thing for werewolves. My favorite color is brown. I like Chinese food and chocolate. Not much else to know.

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What Music They Make Teen 5/5 75 16 Yes 109785
When an unexpected conflict with the Volturi brings Jacob back into her life, Bella finds that being a vampire only makes it even more complicated for her to be in love with two people.
5 Times Bella Swan Did Not Kiss Jacob Black (And One Time She Did) Adult 3.8/5 9 2 Yes 4735
He will always remember how on the night she came back to him, he saw a shooting star. Five vignettes starting in the time of New Moon and ending as post-Eclipse AU.
The Dying of the Light Everyone 5/5 8 3 Yes 10715
Once there was something magical and beautiful to her about the idea of being a vampire, of eternal youth and invincibility. But she knows now they are not flying off to Neverland. Edward/Bella, Jacob/Bella.
Ghosts In the Snow Everyone 5/5 8 1 Yes 9541
The life Jacob and Bella have together has become possible at many costs. One being that every Christmas Jacob can find himself having to protect a secret of Edward's that could hurt Bella to know.
The Golden Phase of Dying Leaves Adult 5/5 5 1 Yes 5940
When Bella returns from Italy after failing to save Edward, Jacob isn't sure if he can do anything to pull her out of her state of numbness this time.
Monster Movies Everyone 0/5 1 1 Yes 2035
A lot has changed since she was seventeen and unscathed, laughing at the things he said and asking him to tell her scary stories. A series of Jacob/Bella drabbles taking place during New Moon and Eclipse.
Birth Everyone 0/5 1 1 Yes 1519
Maybe this is what everybody would feel if they could actually remember their birth, the confusion of entering the world and not knowing what got you there. A series of drabbles describing moments in the strange life of Alice from the beginning of what she can remember. Gen + some Jasper/Alice.
Boys Will Be Boys Teen 0/5 3 1 Yes 529
Bella teaches Jacob a lesson in maturity while they're carving pumpkins with his friends.
"The Importance of Being Edward" and Other Drabbles Adult 0/5 5 1 No 828
A collection of drabbles I've written recently with various characters and pairings. I. The Importance of Being Edward Response to the prompt "Carlisle/Edward: Victorian morals." The ways of human society make it rather easy for two vampires to stay inconspicuous. II. The Garage Response to the prompt: "Jacob/Quil/Embry: remember when..." They're friends who live by the words "bros before hoes"...most of the time. III. Red Wedding For the prompt "Carlisle/Rosalie: interceptions." Carlisle sees Rosalie for possibly the last time on the night she goes to kill the men who raped her and destroyed her human life. IV. Fair Arrangement For the prompt "Jacob/Angela/Paul: they both imprint on her." It's only fair that they get to share.
The Persistence of Gravity Adult 5/5 11 7 Yes 29248
"Everyone knows his father was a complete screw-up who hurt and abandoned everyone who needed him, but he tries very hard to be a good kid, a good student, a good friend and son. And he swears to himself as he watches Leah sleeping now that he'll always be good to her." The untold story of Sam/Leah starting from before he became a werewolf.

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