vamp girl

Well my life really hasent been going on that long 13 years it dosent seem like allot but i think it is.Hi my names Carla King and i go to Taylors i'm on facebook and my space but im never on myspace.I live in Ireland my moms spanish and my dads irish.I have a podcast but i havent put an episoad on in a long time i had to deleat it but i might start another one soon.I love to like to study english,political science,sycology,history or journelism in univercity.I love reading, listening to music,podcasting,editing vids and cooking.I nearly always have my iPod in my ears.I'm addicted to my computer and would not survive without the internet.According to my friends im a bit of a freak seeing as i searched wikipedia in wikipedia and it does have a page so there::sticks out tounge::.
I can be really annoying(its a gift) I love the twilight saga and harry potter and i fall down...alot.I'm totally team edward and Kellen lutz hugged me.When i went to eternal twilight (it was awsome) and i talked to ashley(alice),peter(carlisle),christian(angela) and justin(eric) i know im obsessed enough to go and buy alices dress from the movie lol it was awsome anyhoo bye bye Carla xoxo

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