The only thing to tell really is that I am in love with Twilight and New Moon and can not wait for Eclipse and other books following. I love Stephenie Meyer's style of writing, it is so realistic. She is very talented, obviously, not many authors can make me fall in love with one of their characters. It was truly an amazing and wonderful experience reading Twilight and New Moon. I also love that I could introduce the two books to a few of my close friends and they, too, are in love with the books now. I read the first few chapters of Twilight outloud for one of my friends because I missed it and she was just starting it, so now I am reading it by myself again because I missed it so badly. I'm quite the silly person, but I like itp[=

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Feelings Everyone 5/5 6 1 No 163
This is a short poem I wrote after I finished New Moon. I was sad that the book was done and that I have to wait forever for Eclipse. So I wrote this in Bella's perspective (it would be in mine... If Edward was in love with me).

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