I'm only in this because of my absolute love of the twilight books. I am completly a twilight fan and i'm not afraid of it. If edward was a realperson I would be all over him. But then again I have always had a thing for cute doctors. Hmmmm. Carlisle. Grrr. Darn my love of fictional charictors. mwahaha.... may all main charactors die!!!!! that is my goal!!!!!!!!GO CHEESE!

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my last breath Teen 5/5 53 15 No 14011
A girl by the name of Bella has been adopted after both of her parents have died. She has been adopted by two strangly beautiful people by the name of Esme and Carlilse. She soon finds out that they do not live alone and then soon realizes that they are not so normal. This is for good reasons, they are not human. After falling in love with their youngest "adopted" son Edward She finds out thier secret. Will she protect that secret, or die trying?
lonely stars Everyone 5/5 2 1 Yes 144
This is a poem about bella after edward left and she found jacob again.

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