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you may have noticed that all my stories have been removed from this site. I may or may not repost some of my older work. if you really want to re-read anything, it's on my profile -- Iris MessengerI’m a nerdfighting-violin-playing-singing-failing-at-cartwheels-just-learned-how-to-touch-my-toes-punctuation-abusing-ridiculous starving artist person. Acknowledgements Thanks to the my two lovely betas, Kayla Ariev and J3nn, they keep me in line and make sure I don't embarrass myself too badly by writing fics where penguins live in Alaska. Also, thanks to BittenbyJacksper1863 for being there to support me at two in the morning, as well as for being an amazing author to beta! Y'all rock!Disclaimer: Applies to everything I post. This is fan-fiction, people. Characters, story-lines, whatever...They belong to Stephenie Meyer. If wishes were feathers, I’d be able to fly.

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1.78 1.78 deaths a second. Here it is, straight from the lips of the serpent. .: Maria :.

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