Name: Mariah Personal Statement: I AM NOT WHITE! Sign: Aries Religion: Agnostic Favorite Movie: Watchmen Favorite Writer: Diana Wyne Jones Favorite Actress: Jena Malone Favorite Actor: Matthew Goode Is: Intelligent, Good Writer, Good Poet, Adequate Actress, Relatively Funny, Good musician, Big Dreamer, Fast Reader, Honest Reviewer, Annoyed By People Who Take Reviews Personaly, Hungry, Cranky, Happy, Depressed, Nosy, Controlling, Size 8½ Shoe Is Not: White, Dumb, Short, Ugly, Nice Famous last words: Watch this! Favorite Poem: For Bartleby The Scrivener "Every time we get a big gale around here
some people just refuse to batten down."

we estimate that

ice skating into a sixty
mile an hour wind, fully exerting
the legs and swinging arms

you will be pushed backward
an inch every twenty minutes.

in a few days, depending on
the size of the lake,
the backs of your skates
will touch land.

you will then fall on your ass
and be blown into the forest.

if you gather enough speed
by flapping your arms
and keeping your skates pointed

you will catch up to other
flying people who refused to batten down.
you will exchange knowing waves
as you ride the great wind north. -Billy Collins

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Call now! Adult 0/5 7 1 Yes 1185
A short one-shot about what happened to Gianna right before she joined the Volturi.
Birth Everyone 5/5 6 1 Yes 696
This is a short one-shot I cam up with when I was htinking about New-Moon.
Fleas Everyone 0/5 3 1 Yes 845
The story of a kitten that Bella owned...breifly. Kitten's POV, one-shot.

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