Hey everyone! First off, my name is Sam. I am a fairly new reader (since Christmas 2007), but I am the Twilight expert at my school. I am for Team Edward. Jake can go chew a bone for all I care. Unless he gets his own imprint, then I am all for it. Oh, and "Son chanteur" means "his singer" in French. I am fluent in it, as I lived there from when I was 6 until I was 9. If you're looking for a Beta, I have tons of time. My AIM is freedreamer818, and my E-mail is . Feel free to E-mail whenever, but title it appropriately so I know that it needs Beta'd and I don't delete it by accident. DISCLAIMER: All characters belong to the wonderful Stephenie Meyer...unless otherwise stated. A little about me :) Music is my life. I always have some of it playing, and I like almost every type. Techno is the only type of music that I don't like. I used to play clarient, and a little bit of piano, but my favorite instrument is my voice. It isn't very good (ask my friends! they'll fill you in) but I can't help it. I take my MP3 player (and cell phone. I talk constantly) everywhere.
I like a ton of artists, so here they come: Plain White Tees, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill, One Republic, The Fray, Rascal Flatts, James Blunt, Pussycat Dolls, Matchbox 20, Bon Jovi, Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus (hate Hannah Montana. Yuck), Mariah Carey, Lorrie Morgan, Hellogoodbye, Augustana, Natasha Bedingfield, Christina Aguilera, Snow Patrol, Ozzy Osborne, Shania Twain, Train, Staind, All-American Rejects, and too many more to name.
My favorite song? Ask me again and 10 minutes, and it'll change. So, basically anything. Another big part of my life is Soccer. I play travel and for my school. I'm not incredibly good at that either, but I love it. I'm also active in Cross Country, but I hate running. It's only to stay in shape. :P I love writing, but I have a very short attention span. Thats why I usually write a block of a chapter at one time, unless I'm getting to a very interesting part of a story. I also am a very avid reader. That explains how it only took me a day and a half to finish the Twiligh series. I become a hermit when I'm engrossed in a book. Go in Peace.
Sam<3 Currently in the works or ideas: ~Grace :: Bella gets pregnant, but not by Edward or Jacob. How does Edward deal with it? And how will the family deal with a child? Set after Eclipse, not tied with Breaking Dawn. May lead to a series. ~Crimson :: Edward has left Bella, and taken her heart with him. Jake was never there, so Bella has virtually no one. What happens when something finally snaps in Bella, and she just can't take the pain anymore? Set after Edward leaves in New Moon. ~A Mind of Her Own :: An Imprinting story about Leah. Different than what is expected. Post Breaking Dawn. Hesitantly Titled. ~ Not named yet :: Ever wonder why Bella's blood smells so good? What if its because it is infected by disease? Set after Eclipse, not tied with Breaking Dawn at all. ~ Not named yet :: The story of Bella's catatonic months. What makes her go insane? How do the littlest things in her day affect her? One-shot. ~ Not named yet :: This is Lauren's story, or my take on it. Bella has taken so much from her; not just Tyler and some attention. When things brighten up, can Lauren let go and find happiness in the one person who may be just as angry as her? Or will her past get in the way? Set all through Lauren's life. May lead to series.

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Just a Dream Everyone 5/5 4 1 Yes 1821
This is just a songfic I thought of in class one day. I personally am an E/B fan, but I couldn't stand the thought of Edward dying (and this wouldn't be how it would happen). So, instead I made it J/B. The song is actually by Carrie Underwood and is titled Just a Dream. Look up the correct lyrics because I changed some of them to make more sense. Parts of the song still won't make sense though, just a warning.
Fighting Back Everyone 4.5/5 8 1 Yes 937
Bella tries to keep Edward from leaving, that day in the forest. Will he agree, relieved that she still believed that he loved her? Or, will he leave anyway? Just a little One-shot.

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