the tears never stop

ummm.... woa, what can i say about myself <br> i live in mannhein germany but, i am not german, dont get it confused (not to be rude). my step father is in the military and we move alot. i can not type worth of crap so it will probly take forever to get my stories up. (sorry). i am 14 years old and i have live in germany for about six years. its ok over here but a little slow. mom loves to travle there for ive been all over the world (londodn,egypt,tusia,paris and bla bla bla) i am completely obsessed with Twilight, vampires, cars that turn into giant robots {transformers} and horses. <br><br> ok, i will not pick between edward or jake they are bouth lovely people and those who say other wise just dont understand the two characters well. but dont get me wrong i think that Bella and Edaward should stay and be together but i also think Jake should have his happy ending too. <br<br> well thats all i have to say at the moment so i should go i have a story to write for those kind three people out of 56 who wrote reviews.

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a scream unheard Teen 3.3/5 8 1 No 556
a story of heart break and tears so if u like happy ending i advise you not to read this, and i personnaly have no idea what happens next i just let my charicters take where they please l0l. this is not a story of edward nd bella, as a matter of fact this dosen't really have any of the twilight charicters in it. BUT, it is about vampires the same 'brand' as the ones the great and all talented Mrs. Stephenie Meyer. 84 reads and 4 reveiws!! ugh!! now i see why people have to beg now-a-days l0l {[plz let me know wat you think good or bad so if you dont review dont open this story plz l0l}} getting chapter 1 beta read so yea. srry it took so long.

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