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my website: it rocks! NEWSFLASH TO FAITHFUL READERS OF "KILL THE PAIN" I HAVE CHANGED ITS TITLE TO "I WAS A LITTLE TOO CURIOUS" Scroll down to the bottom for information on "I Was A Little Too Curious" Hey Guess What? I make banners now! If you would like a banner send me a picture and contact me on livejournal! Sample work below! 3/14/08 HAPPY PI DAY ALL!!!! My very awesome google group: Twilight: The First Bite email me at if you would like to join. WARNING: you have to have a gmail account to's free! And Coming Soon! New Moon: The First Phase Another awesome google group! Eclispe: (I'm still looking for an awesome tagline!) Here are some sites that I belong to Site: Name: Bella Luna Heidi Harrison I'm just another Twilight fan, except even more so. (See 461 ways you know your obsessed with twilight or whatever it's called). Favs are: music: rock, pop, rap, country, classical fav music artists: the Beatles*, tobyMac, Talking Heads, Rolling Stones color: lime green, eggplant purple, electric blue, light pinks food: Chinese, Mexican, pizza fav authors: Stephenie Meyer (duh) L.M. Montgomery, Charles Dickens, the Bronte sisters fav word: evangelist, things that ryhme with evangelist, simplicity, radicalasious (ok I mad that up) fav authors on this site: fav stories on this site: fav series on this site: fav books:Twilight (no duh) Wuthering Heights, Anne of Green Gables, Uglies, Specials, Pretties fav article of clothing: jeans fav comic strip: For Better or For Worse fav place in the world: Pentwater, MI and Kentucky fav movie(s): STAR WARS!!! I'm addicted to Han nickname is Princess Leia! I can hear the theme music now! I currently reside in MI, by a lovley wood. Other enjoyments include: *motorcycles *cars *writing *reading *piano and bass clarinet you can contact me at: i love to hear from you! Here's a pic of Chelley's car: Awesome Questions For Awesome People: 1. Answer these through e-mail please! Question 1. How do you change your pen name? Question 2. What is a beta reader? Special thanks to ginnycullen for answering this!!! DON'T HARRAS ME! I'M NEW! Rachel Quotes: "Talk ain't cheap if it's on a cell-phone..." "HARRAS ME AND I'LL HARRAS YOU!" "Because only Han Solo owns the Millenium Falcon..." (side note: before my fellow Star Wars fans start harrasing me I do know that technically Chewbacca owns the Millenium Falcon!) SOME PRETTY SAD BANNERS: Below: As you can tell I love this picture of Kim Novak! Create your own banner at!
Above: Picture of June Haven used in banner. Below: Billie Burke as Glinda the Good Witch: My Third banner!!! I'm gettting better at it! Above: Kim Novak picture used in banner! "I Was A Little Too Curious" Chapter One: The Real One- validated!!! Chapter Two: Just Tell Me- sent in for validation- summary: Chelley's first day at Forks High Chapter Three: Title Unavailable- in process of writing- summary: Will Edward finally tell Chelley what's going on?

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I Was A Little Too Curious Teen 5/5 18 1 No 1928
What happens when Charlie's other daughter (Bella's half-sister)moves to Forks? CHAPTER ONE HAS BEEN EDITED!!!! I've eliminated a few things here and there and changed Schroeder's name to Toby after finding out that I can no longer stand it! NEWSFLASH: THIS USED TO BE CALLED "KILL THE PAIN"
It's Just Me or Please Don't Hate Me Teen 3.5/5 18 3 No 206
The days where even the love of your life can't helpl you... or... those crazy married couple feuds!

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