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Hi. This is how I got hooked on Twilight. As weird as this sounds, my dad gat me started on it. He pointed out how Eclipse was above Harry Potter on the bestseller list. So of course, I came online and looked it up. Eventually, I realized that Eclipse was the third one, and immediately reserved the first at the library. Thats when it started. All I did was read Twilight for about three days. I walked around with it. I brought it to school and forced other people to read it. Everyone I saw reminded me of a character. Every song I heard fit with the book. I read Wuthering Heights and all those classics. I was obsessed. Then my friends got hooked on it. Namely Christina (SilentHeart0331), KATIE!!(NeedSpaceHeater910), and Alexa (Lex Cullen 14). It was all we ever talked about and now were all going to get Breaking Dawn at midnight. I almost made a bracelet saying WWBD? (What would Bella do?) Pathetic I know. I re-read Eclipse for a school project, and ended up with the first draft of my summary a babbling of unimportant details. My awesome teacher, Mrs. LaFortune (LaFo!), actually came on and read my stories, because I couldn't stop talking about them That's when I fell in love with Jacob. MY friends hated me for it. seriously, thry would barely talk about Twilight when I would talk about Jacob and they would change the subject. I don't watch a lot of webcasts, but I LOVE NoMoreMarbles. She's hilarious!!! And then i found Twilight guy. The ultimate completion to my obsession. Let's just say, go check out his site now! Because it is awesome. He has actually finished Twilight and will start New Moon soon. His name is Kaleb Nation, and his book is coming out in 2009 (I think). I spend most of my free time on this website and Stephenie Meyer's, but other than that, I am on the swim team (GO SWAMP THINGS!!!), play on the school bbal and vball teams, and am a Can Can Girl in the fabulous play.....Annie Get Your Gun!!! (Yes, Katie is a Can Can Girl too. Read it and be jealous!!!) So anyway, I love writing and am working on writing a book. Well, I hope you enjoyed this fabulous bio!! I will update soon!!

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Time Everyone 4.5/5 44 3 Yes 3434
Bella and Edward are going to tell Charlie they are getting married...and that the Cullens are vampires. How will Charlie react? What will happen after? And what is Alice's deadly vision? Guys come on! I have a thousand reads and only twenty nine reviews!!! PLEASE REVIEW!!!! IT ONLY TAKES A SECOND!!! CHAPTER 3 IS UP!!! this is the last chapter, but watch out for my sequel, "Changes"!!!!!
Changes Teen 4.5/5 38 5 Yes 7711
THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO MY STORY "TIME"!!! READ THAT FIRST!!!!!!!! It had been twenty years since Bella was changed. She adopted twins-boy and girl- with Edward and made them vampires at the age of fifteen. One day, she goes to visit Jacob, and he imprints.................on a very unexpected person. How will Bella cope? And how will Edward react??? PLEASE READ AND REVIEW!!!!!!!!!! CHAPTER 5 IS FINALLY UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the last chapter plus it had an epilogue included. But stay tuned for my other stories I think you'll like!
Thirsty Everyone 0/5 2 1 Yes 59
A short poem about Edward's (or any vampire for that matter) thirst for blood. OOH SCARY!!!
Hole Everyone 4/5 8 1 Yes 154
A poem about the hole on Bella's chest when Edward leaves her in New Moon. WARNING: Mildly Depressing. CLARIFICATION: The Healer referred to is Jacob. "He" or "Him" in caps is referring to Edward, because she doesn't like hearing his name.
No Irritable Grizzly: The Story of Emmet and Rosalie Cullen Teen 0/5 9 1 Yes 963
Just a little one-shot about Emmet's transformation to a vampire and the beginning of his love for Rosalie. Rosalie's POV. Enjoy!!
His Love Everyone 5/5 7 1 Yes 1303
ONESHOT CULLEN CHALLENGE How did Esme feel when her future daughter-in-law was introduced to her? How did she feel about what the others said? And what conversations were going on when they left Bella and Edward to play the piano? So many questions. And they're all answered here.

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