Hey, my name is Katie. I first became obsessed with this series about 10 months ago. I picked up new moon at the library(I didn't know/realize it was the second one) I thought it was a good looking book, so I brought it into to school(after reading the first chapter 4 or 5 times completely confused). My best friend Jess (jAcOb BlAcK LvEr) started to flip out. She was like jumping up and down and yelling and stuff. Eventually she calmed down and said she read the first one and she was desperate to read this one. I let her borrow it and she flipped out. I think she read it in one day, maybe two. Anyways I eventually tracked down the first one and I read the second two right away. I am obsessed. I'm on this website, or constantly. My brothers are concerned. My parents think I'm insane. Basically I'm the kids in your class whose sitting in the corner reading, or writing. That or I'm being really obnoxious with Jess, arguing over whether or not Jacob should die in her story. Cooking, music and books are my way of life. I cook all the time and I when i can't (because it's 3 A.M.) I listen to music or I read. Reading and music go hand in hand in my life. More often than not, when I'm reading I'm listening to music and when I'm listening to music I'm reading. To me listening to Three Days Grace and reading Twilight is heaven. My plans for the future? Well, even though I love writing, I don't plan on becomig a professional author. My hopes are to attend the Culinary Institute of America, the CIA and after that...i think I'll just see where life takes me. SOmeday I'll open my own resteruant and hopefully you'll hear aout how fabulous it is! Lately not a lot of stuff has been going on for me. Summer has started and therefore I have nothing to do. Basketball has started, but other than that it's just sitting at home. But I read and write constantly. Other than that I sit at home and watch a bunch of reality tv shows. I also have a fettish for Anime stuff, so I read Manga and I watch anime shows. My latest obsession is Rorouni Kenshin. For those of you out there who have watched Kenshin, or are watching it currently. I just finished the second season and I would love to get the third, however I hear it's just 'fluff'. If someone could tell me if it's worth looking around and getting please tell me in a review or contact me!! It would be greatly appreciated!! Sorry I haven't really been writing that much, but I've been in a bit of writing rut. I promise to update everything as soon as I can. Until then, I would really love some feedback telling me if you even want some new chapters! ALERT! I have an Idea! And as much as I would like to say it's brilliant I'm not so sure that it is, so I need some help. I was thinking about writing a new story that's bascally Bella's second chance, only it'll be all the losers. Like instead of Rosalie as the Maid of Honor it's Alice. It might be interesting to see how the story would have turned out with the other know?? Please review if you would read it, or alt least if you think it's worth writing. Thanks!

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Jacob and... Amanda? Everyone 4.5/5 21 6 No 3976
Jacob comes back (from wherever he was) and it turns out he fell in love. She becomes insanely jealous and eventually tells Jacob this. Edward overhears in Jacob's thoughts and gets very mad. He runs away and Bella need to find to him. Will she find him? Will she end up with Jacob? Or will Jacob end up with Amanda? What will Bella's love triangle come to? READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bella's Second Chance Everyone 5/5 146 18 Yes 18306
There are many big decisions when it comes to planning a wedding. Maid of honor, Best man, who comes, who doesn't, what happens whens certain people show up,all things that this time you get to decide. In the end it'll be your story, not mine. I NEED YOUR VOTE!!! YOU VOTE COULD BE THE ONE THAT CHANGES MY STORY!!!!!! MY FATE IS IN YOUR HANDS!!HELP!!!!!!!! I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!
What if... Everyone 5/5 21 4 No 3508
Will Bella finally get her wish of becoming a vampire??? FIND OUT!!! READ!!! REVIEW!!!!
Carlisle and Esme's Story Everyone 5/5 12 6 Yes 5233
This is what my version of Carilsle and Esme is. This is how I pictured them meeting and being together. This is what I think happened when Esme found out, and this is what happened when Esme wanted in.

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