hey everyone:) i am in love with the twilight series, actually, no, im obsessed<3 everyday i have to check this site for new ups(updates), for new ups on the movie, the actors, blah, blah, blah... I just created a live journal account. if you have one please add me, cause i have no friends yet:( it's: i also have a website for all my graphics, please visit it and leave a comment. id really appreciate it:) umm..some favs of mine: music: i love a lot of music and im constantly adding more so ill just make it easier and post my project playlist page link so you can go and listen to my favs:D books: twilight by stephenie meyer new moon by stephenie meyer eclipse by stephenie meyer breaking dawn by stephenie meyer(i can't believe i can finally put it on here:) the host by stephenie meyer marked by pc cast betrayed by pc cast chosen by pc cast pride & prejudice by jane austen to kill a mockingbird by harper lee the dead dont dance by charles martin vanishing acts by jodi picoult lovely bones by alice sebold speak by laurie halse anderson: the things they carried by tim o'brien gathering blue by lois lowry tending to grace by kimberly fusco harry potter #7 lock and key by sarah dessen vampire academy by richelle mead frostbite by richelle mead the giver by lois lowry the outsiders by s.e hinton sisterhood of the traveling pants by ann brashares second summer of the sisterhood by ann brashares girls in pants by ann brashares forever in blue by ann brashares anne of green gables by l.m. montgomery anne of avonlea by l.m. montgomery anne of the island by l.m. montgomery the great gatsby by f. scott fitzgerald my msn s/n is add me if you want to chat -------------------------------------------------- a survey i just found:) Put Your playlist/iPod on Shuffle and Note the First 15 Songs 1. How does the world see you? misery business(paramore) oh, thats great! im miserable! 2. Will I have a happy life? whatever it takes(keith urban) well i do want a happy life... 3. What do my friends really think of me? im not okay(my chemical romance) hahaha...thats just what my friend told me today. 4. Do people secretly lust after me? hands down(dashboard confessional) so, does that mean yes? 5. How can I make myself happy? have you forgotten?(darryl worley) i hope not, i want to be happy... 6. What should I do with my life? love remians the same(gavin rossdale)umm..?? 7. What is some good advice for me? keep holding on(avril lavigne) hmm....thats wierd, my grandfather just passed away not too long ago... 8. How will I be remembered? all american girl(carrie underwood) well, i do like apple pies and baseball... 9. What is my signature dancing song? when you were young(the killers)cool, i love this song... 10. What do I think my current theme song is? memory(sugarcult)okay... 11. What does everyone else think my current theme song is? not ready to make nice(dixie chicks) i hope not, im not mean 12. What song will play at my funeral? time of my life(green day) wow, thats ironic 13. What type of men/women do you like?teenagers(my chemical romance) haha, so true, since i am one:) 14. What is my day going to be like? time stands still(all american rejects)so, it will last forever? cool 15. What will tomorrow bring? summertime(new kids on the block) well, it is summer... okay i like this quiz, its cool:)

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it all comes down to this Everyone 5/5 27 7 No 5935
That’s when it hit me. The vampires were all here for me, if I go out there she can kill me and it’ll be over. Nobody else has to die. Bella's on the beach waiting for Jacob when something unexpected happens. Will she make it out alive? will anyone make it out alive? CHAPTER 6: Alive? is up
Eavesdropper Everyone 4.5/5 26 1 No 977
What happens when Mike becomes a little too obsessive? What if he overhears a conversation he, or anyone else for that matter wasn't supposed to hear? Will Mike find out the truth about the always mysterious Cullens? And what will be the fate of the Cullens, or Bella, if he does?

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