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Lost Everyone 5/5 11 2 No 2502
"Because recently, what had seemed true to him was wavering, and what had always been so clear to him was now confusing. He knew that he had to find himself again through the one person who had always been there for him. Even if it would change nothing of her fate, maybe it would decide his."

Jacob needs to see Bella again before she's gone forever, but at what price?
Love is Pain Everyone 4.5/5 8 1 Yes 612
'I screamed again, longer this time, louder. I couldn’t stop. I was completely out of control. I tore at my hair, lashed at the walls and the floor. My sobs became heavier, I choked on them as they flooded out of my throat. I gasped for air, and even its passage through my body hurt. I felt my torn muscles spasm and I screamed again. I couldn’t contain it any longer. I screamed out his name. He was the only one who could stop this. He always knew how to make me better.' Bella's transformation.

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