hello! my name is Carissa. i'm a freshman in college and i'm 18 years old. favorite character:alice and jacob favorite color: it changes pretty much everyday but it's usualy purple. favorite character pairings:bella/edward, bella/jasper, bella/jacob, alice/jasper, carlisle/esme, rosalie/emmet, sam/emily, quil/claire, jared/kim i am so team jacob. he is absolutely amazing and sexy and yummy! i prefer the werewolves because for the most part they are more laid back and funnier than the cullens except for emmet and alice. they're too serious! sorry if i offended any one ^^; ummm what else can i ramble about? i really like alice because i look a lot like the actress that is playing her in the movie. i'm planning on being her for halloween. its going to be so much fun! i can't wait! i used to look like bella until i cut my hair a few months ago. i have dark brown hair and brown eyes. i'm 5'6" and i really love the sun and warm weather, even though i live in wisconsin anad a town where kids ride their snowmobiles and where everyone gets really excited when it's going to snow, and i'm like "no! you are all such hicks! snow is bad and cold and EVIL!!!!" but no one listens to me. but ever since reading twilight i can apreciate how much i would not like living in forks. i have to straighten my hair everyday otherwise it puffs out in a frizzy afro type 'do. it rains and POOF! instant afro. so ya. enough about my hair ~~~quick note~~~ i just want to say how sad i am for stephenie meyer. its awfull that midnight sun has been leaked out and that she is so sad she can't finish it. i've read the unfinished manuscript and i think the story is incredible. seeing everything from edwards pov is just... wow. but the fact that someone close to her betrayed her and let someone else see it... it breaks my heart. i know i've said in the past that i would kill to get my hands on something like that, but i would always respect the authors rights. i dont think people respect the rules of copyright as much as they should. downloading music illegaly, taking another persons fanfic and posting it on another site and posting it as your own, leaking a novel that isn't yours and ruining a story for millons of people, whatever. its STEALING. its wrong and you SHOULDN'T DO IT. i'm sorry, i just had to rant for a little bit. i was just crushed when i heard stephenie might not finish because of this, and i needed to let out some of my frustration.

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Telling Her Goodbye Everyone 4.5/5 3 1 Yes 122
What was going through Edward's head when he told Bella he was leaving.
Memories Everyone 0/5 1 1 Yes 38
Haikus I came up with when extremely bored late at night.

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