Hello all, I'm Lauren. just another music/twilight crazed 16 year old girl. i have a really crazy sense of humor, and im often described as the wierdest person a lot of people have ever met. music is a crucial staple in my life. I have a serious addiction. my ipod is named roosevelt, teddy, franklin, eleanor. either one will suffice.favorite bands: The UsedCute Is What We Aim ForFall Out Boy, oh yes. i will love them no matte haow mainstream and sell-outish they becomeParamoreThe Academy Is...EvanescenceGym Class HeroesMotion City Soundtrack...and the list continues..... I like to read, duh, otherwise i wouldnt be near here right?. Some Of my favorite Books: The Twilight Series...lol its kind of obvious.Harry PotterDaughters of the Moon SeriesMarked Series.The Gemma Doyle Trilogy, which had the worst ending have ever read if I must say so myselfum. i less than three The Host.Angela's AshesTis' the sequal to Angela's AshesWicked Lovelyoh...like my favorite music, the list continuesi would like to be a pastry chef when i get older, which my mother teases me about. my friend and i have a joke about being fat. because we eat a lot of sweets, even though we arent fat at all. :o] i cant wait for the twilight movie to come out. its kind of sad actually, how excited i am about it i like reviews. *wink* *wink*

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I Love Your Existence Teen 5/5 18 3 Yes 6387
Edward never came back, Bella never jumped...instead both became musicians. What will happen when they experience a connection in their music? my first story, be gentle.

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