Hey, I'm Thyta, though I prefer to be called Topaz. Can't imagine why I didn't call myself that in the first place.. Ahem. Anyways, I enjoy writing A TON, which is why I'm registered on this site! I write a few stories, though my current one is called Bittersweet Hello. Bittersweet Hello borrows a vague idea of the plot from Bittersweet Hello by Monster, but I'm tweaking a lot around. I started out with the general idea, and I'm adding more onto it, in my style. It's saved on my Microsoft Word currently, and yeah, I'm not entirely sure if any of my readers would like to read it. If you'd like to read what I have so far, please e-mail me! I'll reply as soon as possible, and send the document as an attachment, I hope that's okay! Though I'd suggest reading Bittersweet Hello by Monster, first, so you grasp the general idea. Thanks for reading all this, and hope you enjoy my stories! =] ~ Topaz (AKA Thyta)

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